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What A Chic Parisian Apartment Looks Like?

What A Chic Parisian Apartment Looks Like?

What Kind Of Furniture And Decoration can you find in a Chic Parisian Apartment?

 French decor never fails to captivate and inspire people. From the charming streets of Paris to the exquisite interiors of its apartments, there’s a timeless elegance that captures the hearts of individuals around the world. The allure of a Parisian apartment lies not only in its romantic setting but also in the meticulous attention to detail when it comes to furniture and decoration. If you’re curious about the elements that constitute the quintessential Parisian apartment charm, this exploration will uncover the secrets of their design.

Parisian Apartment Structural Elements

A significant portion of the allure that graces Parisian apartments emanates from their structural elements. These key features lay the foundation for the entire interior design, offering a blend of history and sophistication that defines the Parisian aesthetic.

1. Wood Flooring: One of the most distinctive features of a Parisian apartment is its wooden flooring. Often presented in a classic herringbone pattern, these wooden floors exude warmth and character. The rich brown hues create a sense of coziness while adding a touch of luxury to the space.

Parisian Chic Apartment with herringbone wooden floor 

2. Marble Fireplace Mantel: A hallmark of grandeur in Parisian apartments is the marble fireplace mantel. These majestic pieces not only serve a functional purpose but also act as a focal point within the room. The marble’s inherent elegance and the intricate design of the mantel bring an air of opulence to the living space.

3. Gilded French Mirror: Adorning the walls above the fireplace mantel, you’ll frequently find gilded French mirrors. These mirrors, with their ornate frames and timeless designs, contribute to the feeling of grandeur and offer reflective surfaces that amplify the light and ambiance of the room.

4. Wall Molding: Intricately detailed wall moldings are another defining feature of Parisian apartments. These architectural embellishments add depth and texture to the walls, elevating the overall visual appeal of the interior. They are often painted in soft, muted colors to complement the surrounding decor.

5. Ceiling Medallion: One cannot ignore the elegance of a large ceiling medallion that graces the center of many Parisian apartments. These medallions serve a dual purpose – they provide an artistic element to the ceiling and also act as an anchor for chandeliers, adding a touch of luxury overhead.

Parisian Style Furniture 

The magic of a Parisian apartment doesn’t stop at structural elements; it extends seamlessly into the carefully curated furniture that adorns the space. Parisian style furniture strikes a balance between classic sophistication and contemporary minimalism, creating an inviting atmosphere that is both chic and comfortable.

1. Classic & Contemporary Fusion: A distinctive trait of Parisian interior design is the fusion of classic and contemporary elements in furniture choices. This blending of styles creates a harmonious contrast that breathes life into the living space. Parisian apartments often feature a mix of classic furniture pieces with minimalist designs, providing a refreshing take on traditional aesthetics.

Classic and Contemporian Parisian Furniture 

2. Modern Velvet Sofas: Anchoring the living room are often modern velvet sofas or even nods to the retro with 70s velvet sofas. The lush texture of velvet, combined with clean lines and muted colors, epitomizes Parisian comfort and style.

3. Cane Tables & Chairs: Cane furniture pieces are commonly found in Parisian apartments. These pieces add a touch of rustic charm while maintaining the overall elegance of the space. Cane chairs and tables offer a lightness that complements the other design elements.

4. Louis Chairs: A nod to classic French design, Louis chairs can be found in many Parisian apartments. Their graceful curves and intricate detailing enhance the regal ambiance, and they often serve as accent pieces that add character to various corners of the apartment.

5. Modern Velvet Dining Chairs: Dining areas are often graced with modern velvet dining chairs that echo the plush comfort of the living room sofas. These chairs offer a seamless transition from lounging to dining, maintaining the design continuity throughout the space.

6. Roche Bobois: A name synonymous with French furniture excellence, Roche Bobois offers a curated selection of furniture that effortlessly merges classical and modern decor. With their pieces, the essence of Parisian interior design comes to life, inviting individuals to indulge in the artistry of their surroundings.

Parisian Decor

The art of Parisian apartment decoration hinges on the careful interplay of design elements and furniture choices. While the decor might appear minimalistic at first glance, each piece is chosen thoughtfully to enhance the ambiance and create a cohesive, visually appealing space.

1. Gold-Framed Mirrors: Much like the gilded French mirrors, gold-framed mirrors are a recurring theme in Parisian decor. These mirrors amplify the light and lend a touch of luxury, making the space feel larger and more inviting.

2. Crystal Chandeliers: Crystal chandeliers are not just lighting fixtures; they are exquisite works of art that grace the ceilings of many Parisian apartments. Their sparkle and elegance add a sense of glamour, transforming the atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary.

3. Brass Trays: Brass trays are functional decor elements that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Placed atop coffee tables or sideboards, they hold candles, books, or small decorative items, adding to the overall ambiance of the space.

4. Minimalist Wall Art: The walls of a Parisian apartment are often adorned with minimalist art pieces. These artworks, characterized by their clean lines and subdued colors, contribute to the overall aesthetic while maintaining a sense of simplicity.

5. Books and Candles: Books and candles are not mere accessories; they are integral components of Parisian decor. Books add a cultured touch, while candles introduce a warm and intimate glow that transforms the environment, especially in the evening.

6. L’appartement For those seeking to infuse their space with authentic Parisian charm, L’appartement offers a curated collection of French home furnishings, decor items, and gifts. This resource serves as a treasure trove of inspiration for those who wish to recreate the Parisian aesthetic in their own homes.

7. White Walls and Chandeliers: A notable feature of Parisian apartments is their penchant for white walls, providing a neutral backdrop that allows the furniture and decor to take center stage. This design choice creates an ambiance of freshness and openness. The chandelier, a staple of Parisian chic, becomes a focal point that marries the classic and contemporary aspects of the decor.

8. Flexibility of Chandeliers: The chandelier, versatile in its elegance, adapts to both classical and contemporary design schemes. Whether the apartment’s architecture leans more towards modern or classical, a well-chosen chandelier effortlessly integrates into the overall aesthetic.

Crystal Chandelier in a Chic Parisian Apartment 

Unlock Parisian Elegance in Your Own Home!

Are you ready to infuse your living space with the timeless charm of a chic Parisian apartment? Whether you’re drawn to the classic sophistication of wood flooring or the allure of gilded mirrors, incorporating elements of Parisian design can transform your home into a sanctuary of elegance. Explore the fusion of classic and contemporary styles in furniture, adorn your walls with curated decor, and embrace the art of minimalistic allure that defines the Parisian way of life.


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In conclusion, the charm of a chic Parisian apartment lies in the synergy of its structural elements, furniture choices, and decor elements. From the timeless appeal of wood flooring to the opulence of marble fireplace mantels, each detail contributes to the overall narrative of elegance and sophistication. As you embark on your journey to recreate Parisian allure in your own space, remember that the heart of Parisian design lies in the perfect balance between classic elegance and contemporary comfort.

Have you ever visited a Parisian apartment or been inspired by its timeless allure? We’d love to hear about your favorite Parisian design elements or how you’ve incorporated this chic style into your own home. Join the conversation and share your insights in the comments below


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