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Where do French people like going for holidays?

With 5 weeks paid holidays a year, the French spread their holidays throughout the year. Usually they will take 1-week during wintertime (between December/ March), and 3 or 4 weeks in July/August, during French summer school holidays. Discover the 5 Top French Favourite Holiday Destinations. 

French people adore spending their holidays in France, however they also like traveling overseas and Europe is one of their favoritedestinations

1. France 

French people like spending their holidays in France. 

During summer their favorite destinations are: 

During winter, French people like skiing and the best spot for it is the Alps

2. Spain 

In Europe, Spain is the favorite holiday destination for French people. About 10 million spend their vacation on the Ibarique coast each year. Spain is cheap, sunny, the food is amazing and the nightlife can get a little crazy, which is exactly what a lot of them come to Spain for. 

3. Italy 

Even if the Italians consider us as dirty (yes apparently they are shocked to know that we no longer use the famous bidet), arrogant and nationalist (maybe there are still upset about their defeat in 1998 Football World cup) we still love visiting Italy. 

4. Portugal 


The French are attracted by Portugal’s beautiful landscapes and its rich and varied gastronomy as well as being a cheap holiday. There is something for everyone. Only two and a half hours by plane from Paris, Lisbon is a good holiday option to have a “city break” while l`Algarve is loved for his magnificent beaches. 

5. United-States 

Statue of Liberty 

While the French can visit the Statue of Liberty in the French town of Colmar, which was the birthplace of Bathaldi, the architect of the original version, they much prefer to go to New-York and see the original and much bigger version (12 meters for the French version vs 93 meters for the American version). With 807 000 tourists arriving from France every year to visit New York, lady liberty is well-loved by the French. 

What is your favorite holiday destination? 

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